Visitors & New Parishioners


Have you been coming to Mass for awhile? Is this the place where our Lord is calling you to worship?
We'd be so happy to have you as a member of our parish family!  Please complete a parish registration form and become an officially registered member of the parish! Please click below to download a registration form and fill it out. You can email your completed form to [email protected], you can bring it to church and place it in the offertory basket, or you can mail it to the parish office. 

[Download the Parish Registration Form]

Time and Talent
We encourage parishioners to become involve in the life of the parish!  Please take time when you register to complete a Time and Talent Form.  Together, we form the Body of Christ and our parish becomes more vibrant through the ministry of its members!

[Download Time and Talent Descriptions]

[Download Time and Talent Form]
(Complete using MS Word)

[Download Time and Talent Form]
(Print out and fill in)


When are Masses and liturgies?  Times for confession?
Please see our home page which has our regular liturgical schedule and any special schedules for upcoming holy days of obligation.

What should I wear?
When we attend holy Mass, we are stepping out of the world and into the heavenly realm.  Our choice of clothing should reflect the devotion we have to our Lord and to our worship with the angels and saints.

How do I get to the parish?
We don't have much signage on our campus because of city ordinance regulations.  The parish offices are located in the old school building, at 2438 Atwood Ave.  The church is immediately adjacent to the rectory, which is located at 2450 Atwood Ave. Here is a map.

Where should I park?
We have a large parking lot behind the church.  The lot is accessible on Atwood Ave. and Corry St.

Where do my children go?
Due to COVID, children are encouraged to come to Mass and remain with their family.

I’m not Catholic, is it okay for me to participate in communion?
Communion, or the Eucharist, is the most intimate expression of our faith. Catholics believe in the true presence:  the Body and Blood of the Lord are real, and are present for us at each holy Mass.  This is a stark contrast from other Christian denominations, which regard the eucharist as merely symbolic.  If you do not share in our Catholic faith, you are warmly invited to worship with us, but to refrain from receiving the Eucharist.  You are welcome to come forward to the priest or deacon at the time of communion and cross your arms across your chest.  You can receive a blessing at that time. 

Am I expected to put money in the offering?
Everyone who visits the parish is invited to share in the parish's mission of evangelization through financial support of the parish.  For those who are registered members of the parish, financial support can be established through the offertory envelope program or by using WeShare, our online giving platform.  Families who are visiting are welcome to place money or a check in the basket.  Everyone is invited to use our electronic giving program - parishioners, visiters and supporters alike!  [sign up for online giving here]

I have special needs - is there any assistance available?
We have special seating in the west transept for those with hearing and mobility needs.  There is a speaker mounted on the pillar which will aid in hearing the Mass.  There is extra room in this section for those with wheelchairs and walkers.  The elevator is located at the parking lot entrace and will get you to our hall or into the main church.  You can also enter at the Atwood Ave. entrance without stairs or obstacles to make entrance more difficult.  St. Bernard is completely handicap accessible.