Welcome from the Pastor

Dear Friends,
St. Bernard is proud to call itself the mother church of the east side of Madison!  For many years after its founding, our parish was a great hub of activity, providing the Sacramental life of the Church and many ways to meet Christ in a personal and life-changing way.

We have since been joined by our wonderful neighbors - St. Dennis, Immaculate Heart of Mary and St. Peter.  As the city continued to grow along with the number of Catholics, more parishes were needed to minister to the faithful.  Many families of our neighboring parishes, however, can trace their roots back to St. Bernard.  We are proud to be such an important part of the Church's history here in Madison!  Giving thanks for all we have accomplished in the past, we look with great hope to the future as we continue to be a thriving parish with welcoming people who are anxious to grow in their relationship with Christ and His Church as they experience Him in many ways - through the Eucharist and the other Sacraments, through the many opportunities we offer for the study of Sacred Scripture and the Church's Tradition, and the ways we are called to be of service to the poor and those in need.

On behalf of the more than 600 households which comprise our parish family, we welcome you and thank you for visiting our home on the World Wide Web.  If you're checking us out for the first time, please know that you are always welcome to worship with us and to become part of our parish family - there's always room to grow as we open our hearts to Christ and to each other and together grow into what Christ has called us to be!!

With love and prayers,
Rev. Michael Radowicz, Pastor