COVID-19 Protocols


Please see the following Q&A's regarding Masses and liturgical celebrations here at St. Bernard.  Procedures that have been updated will be indicated below. 

HOW WILL THE CHURCH BE CONFIGURED?  With social distancing requirements, the church is able to hold 94 people per Mass.  This number will remain consistent as long as social distancing requirements are in place.  It is possible that we may regress, depending on the severity of the virus.  

HOW WILL PEOPLE BE SEATED IN CHURCH?  Individuals will be asked to sit six feet apart.  Families residing in the same household do not need to observe social distancing requirements.  The children’s room will be closed as it is too small of a space for social distancing requirements.  The maroon chairs in the special seating section will be spaced appropriately to observe social distancing requirements.  The pew cushions have been removed from all of the pews in order to have surfaces that can be completely wiped down and disinfected.  If you’re in need of one, please consider bringing a cushion with you to Mass.

WILL RESTROOMS BE AVAILABLE TO ME?  Yes, restrooms will continue to be available for use.  There will be one restroom open at the Atwood Avenue entrance, and another at the parking lot entrance.  The other restrooms will be closed.

WHAT ABOUT LITURGICAL MINISTRIES?  Liturgical ministries (lectors, servers, greeters and ushers) will be suspended for the foreseeable future.  The celebrant and deacon will handle the liturgical roles of the Mass.

WHAT WILL THE MASS SCHEDULE BE?  We will return to our regular Mass schedule:  4:30pm on Saturday afternoons; 8:00am and 10:00am on Sunday mornings.

WHAT ABOUT DAILY MASS?  Daily Mass will continue to be celebrated as usual. 

WHAT ABOUT STREAMING?  We will continue to stream all weekday Masses.  We’ll also stream two Masses on the weekend:  at 4:30pm and 10:00am.  Please look for the highlighted time in yellow on the weekly schedule - the boxes will indicate a Mass or liturgy being live-streamed.

HOW WILL I ENTER THE CHURCH?  The parking lot entrance and the center doors at the Atwood Avenue entrance will be open for entry into the church.  We would ask that, upon arrival, you use the hand sanitizing stations set up at both entrances to the church.  The parking lot entrance will be open for daily Mass.  Upon arrival, please use the hand sanitizing stations before you are seated.

WHAT ABOUT A MASK?  IS IT REQUIRED?  Masks are mandatory while in the church.  The use of masks helps in our safety and the safety of those around us.

WILL SONG BOOKS AND MISSALETTES BE AVAILABLE?  All hymnals and missalettes have been removed from the pews as the virus can adhere to them.  If you are in need of the readings and psalm, please visit http://www.usccb.org/bible to print a copy of the readings of the day and bring with you to Mass.  You are permitted to bring a personal missal if you have one.

SHOULD I SING DURING MASS?  We will be providing worship aids and music for you to follow along.  Studies have shown that singing can increase the number of potential germs in the air.  You are welcome to follow along and sing in your heart.  

WHAT WILL BE DONE ABOUT OFFERTORY AND MONEY?  Offertory baskets will be placed at both entrances of the church.  You can drop your offertory gift in the basket as you come into church or as you leave.  For the time being, the parish office will handle the counting of money as special procedures need to be followed in dealing with the money.  Money Counters will not be required to count the offertory at this time.

HOW WILL I RECEIVE COMMUNION?  The celebrant will come to you to distribute the Eucharist.  There will be no communion procession to the front of the church.  Parishioners are strongly encouraged to receive the Eucharist on the hand for the time being.  This procedure will apply to both weekday and weekend Masses.  If you cannot receive the Precious Body and need to receive from the chalice, please stop in at the sacristy after you arrive so a separate chalice can be prepared for you.

WHAT IF I WISH TO GO TO CONFESSION?  We will resume our normal confession schedule.  Those wishing to go to confession are asked to wait in church, not the Children’s Room.  Only one person and the priest is allowed in the Children’s Room at a time.  There is a lamp located near the reader’s stand which will light up when the confessional is in use and will be off when the confessional is available.  You may then make your way into the Children’s Room for confession.  Please do not congregate at the parking lot entrance for confession - maintain proper distancing and wait in the church.

WHAT’S BEING DONE TO KEEP ME SAFE?  We are following guidelines from the CDC and the Diocese of Madison to keep people separated and as safe as possible.  Pews, restrooms and common surfaces will be disinfected after each weekday and weekend Mass to ensure everything is as clean as possible and ready for the next Mass.  The celebrant will distribute the Eucharist with a mask to ensure safety.  

WHAT ABOUT THE PARISH OFFICE?  The office is currently open by appointment only.  The outers doors of the school building are open each day from 9:00am - 3:00pm for you to pick up bulletins or other items or drop things off at the office.  Use the drop slot on the office door.

WHAT ABOUT PARISH MEETINGS?  Parish groups will be allowed to meet again, with proper distancing and masks in the room.

WHAT ABOUT SUMMER EVENTS?  We're still evaluating summer events for 2021.

WHAT ABOUT WEDDINGS AND FUNERALS?  Weddings and funerals may be celebrated with the same guidelines above and proper social distancing.  Funeral luncheons are currently not being served.